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HDN extends strategic partnership with Davinci

Amsterdam, March 2, 2017 - HDN and Davinci have signed a partnership agreement in which they confirmed their strategic partnership for the next five years. Thereby, Davinci will continue to be one of the main partners for HDN in the field of management, implementation and the development of the standard and the platform.

Over the years, Davinci has earned its footsteps in the financial services industry. Twenty-two years ago, the cooperative association HDN was founded by Davinci. After that, Davinci has been involved with initiatives ECH and Skydoo too. Besides that, Davinci has been doing consultancy activities with product suppliers and service providers in the mortgage and credit chain.

From the very start of the association, Davinci has provided all daily activities around business operations, management, implementation and development to HDN’s full satisfaction. This year, HDN is creating a small, private employment organization to ensure its continuity and position itself independently in relation to its stakeholders including Davinci. With the continuation of the strategic partnership, Davinci will also contribute largely again in the next 5 years to the optimization of the mortgage and credit processes in financial services.