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Davinci completes complex IT project with SVn in record time!

Amsterdam, 29 April 2019 - One year ago, SVn decided to renew its full midoffice and backoffice systems while making use of the complete Close Suite of Davinci. Today, exactly a year later, everything is live. An exciting and complex challenge for the Davinci and SVn team, because this is not the IT system of a regular bank, but one of an executive organization with more than 400 different funders who all have their own responsibility and different mortgage and loan forms.

For Davinci this was one of the most extraordinary projects ever. Not only has the project been completed in record time, but there have been developed two new core modules for SVn and implemented within the Close Suite to provide all 400 funders – from municipalities to governments – with online information about the state of their funding. “In addition, it is the first time that Davinci has installed all parts of the Close Suite simultaneously for one of its customers,” says Michiel van Loef of Davinci. “That means that both the midoffice and the backoffice have been implemented for mortgages and consumer loans with a total of more than 80,000 files that have been migrated.”

It was also an exciting project for SVn. “After years of growth, we came across the limits of our loan management system,” said SVn director Stella Vos. “We ultimately opted for a major leap forward: renewing everything in one go at one time. For the core of our new IT platform we use the Close platform from Davinci. The components specially developed for SVn are also included as standard components within the Davinci platform. The renewal was successful within all set frameworks. A fantastic achievement! ”

About Close Suite
Davinci wants to make lending easier. For this we have a state-of-the-art loan platform (Close) that is offered as a SaaS solution in the cloud at AWS. Close supports all management processes for mortgage and consumer loan, from the application to the final payment. Our product offers speed, efficiency and optimal results for both the consumer and the lender.