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BisBKR live at Nationale Nederlanden Bank

Amsterdam, November 9, 2017 – Last week, Nationale Nederlanden Bank (NNB) started to use BisBKR after a smooth go-live process. BisBKR replaces NNB's current software for manually accessing BKR services.

Thanks to a smart matching feature, BisBKR can perform fully automatic checks at the Dutch Credit Registration institute Bureau Kredietregistratie (BKR). This allows for a faster and more efficient process: the mortgage application process is no longer interrupted in the mid-office by manual credit checks. In addition, removing manual actions reduces the total process costs and ensures a 24/7 availability of the service as this is no longer limited to office hours and capacity of that particular department.

About BisBKR
BisBKR is a standard solution for checks with various services offered by BKR, including testing (CKI), registration, BKRScore, VIS testing, EVA testing, SFH testing and BKR InData services. By using a smart matching feature, BisBKR is able to execute fully automated checks: only the credits of the person with the correct attributes are returned. This results in a more efficient process, prevents manual handling and potential errors.