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Automated credit decisions

We hold expertise in automation of the mortgage and loan decision-taking process via credit scoring and credit checks from BKR (Bureau Kredietregistratie - largest credit information database in the Netherlands). Automation makes the simple decisions faster and allows experienced credit managers to focus on the high-risk credit decisions.

Automated credit scoring

Selling financial or other complex products requires a lot of decision-taking such as risk evaluation, creditworthiness check, fraud assessment and discount calculation. The majority of these decisions are fully by the book and only a small percentage requires more attention from the organization. In daily practice, however, most of the human resources are consumed by many simple decisions and a fraction of the resources are used to evaluate the hard cases.

The pressure to automate this process increases with an ever increasing pace, both from the consumer satisfaction and from the organization’s cost optimization perspective. Our clients are able to achieve automation of credit decisions through software that automates and manages their credit assessment functions via the use of credit scorecards which use decision parameters to assess payment risk and suitability.

Available credit scoring rules

  • Evaluation rules

    Evaluation (validation) rules check the validity of the business data entered. Possible outcomes are accepted, rejected or undetermined. The last outcome indicates one of those hard cases that needs to be assessed by an employee.

  • Production rules

    Production rules produce new information. An example would be the value of a Euro amount in different currencies or a list of stipulations to be provided by a consumer given his mortgage application.

  • Scorecard rules

    Scorecard rules are rules that produce a score. These scores are aggregated in order to produce an overall score for the entire set of available business data. Scorecard rules are mostly used for risk assessment.

Automated credit checks

In addition to automated credit scoring, we allow for an automatic connection to the largest credit information database in the Netherlands (Bureau Kredietregistratie – BKR).

We developed BisBKR – a generic product that enables automatic data retrieval from BKR. By using smart matching, BisBKR is able to automatically retrieve existing credit data of unique persons. This process is efficient and prevents manual handling and potential errors. BisBKR is available as SaaS and it can be easily implemented on-premise too.

BisBKR offers several functions such as the CKI-check (also known as the BKR-check), the EVA-check, the VIS-check and the registration function. All checks can be performed automatically via a web service interface or manually via a web application.

Why BisBKR?

  • BisBKR allows for a complete credit check of loan applicants
  • Checks can also be performed manually
  • BisBKR is available in the cloud as SaaS
  • A test mode of BisBKR is available supported by a database in which test cases for the different services can be stored. A web application is available for managing the test cases.
  • Registration function registers any new contracts and mutations (such as change of address, report of arrears, increase of credit limit and redemption, etc.).
  • It supports the automated credit scoring process and delivers a significant time and cost savings to financial organizations.

BisBKR allows for these checks

  • The CKI-check

    The CKI-check is targeted on finding the existing or recently ended consumer credit contracts in BKR (Dutch Credit Data Register). Checks can also be done on the partner’s name, too.

  • The EVA-check

    With the EVA-check you can check if a person is registered as a (possible) fraudulent person at EVA - a joint fraud prevention system of NVB and VFN.

  • The VIS-check

    The VIS-check is targeted on checking if an identification document or travel document is registered as stolen, lost or invalid at BKR.

  • The SFH-check

    The SFH-check verifies if a person or company is registered at SFH – the Dutch Mortgage Fraud Foundation prevention system (Stichting Fraudebestrijding Hypotheken).

  • The Person-check

    With the Person-check, several checks are conducted via one web service: PEP-check (Politically Exposed Persons Register), CIR-check (Central Insolvency Register), LRS-check (National Debt Register) and CKI-status check.

  • Registration

    The Registration web service supports the registration of new loans and their mutations, such as a new address, an arrears on the loan and a raise of the credit limit at BKR. Registrations are conducted in batches.

  • Marked contracts

    With the Marked contracts web service, lists of loans where BKR has set the last redemption date based on the first redemption date and the duration of the loan can be checked.

  • Lists for improving registrations

    With the web service Lists for improving registrations, lists of loans and persons where BKR assumes that the registration needs to be improved can be checked.

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